Season Credential Application

Use this form for Rider Crew Members, Rider Guests and Industry Guests.

Riders may purchase two types of credentials:ƒ‚ Crewƒ‚ andƒ‚ Guest.ƒ‚  A Crew credential is issued to approved mechanics ƒ‚ and requires the holder have an AMA membership current throughƒ‚ August 26, 2017.ƒ‚  A Guest credential does not require AMA membership.

In addition to rider guests, we also accept credential applications fromƒ‚ Industry Guests.ƒ‚  An Industry Guest is a person associated with a motocross-related business (excluding dealerships).ƒ‚  All Industry Guest applicants must be approved by MX Sports.

Credentials for OEM Executives,ƒ‚ Past Champions, Series Sponsors/Vendors, Officials/Staffƒ‚ and other specialty guests will be processed through the Specialty Credential Program.ƒ‚  The application for that credential can be foundƒ‚ HERE.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your credential or the application process.ƒ‚  We can be reached at (304) 284.0101 andƒ‚ by email.

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