AMA Pro Racing License Procedure


In order to apply for a Pro Motocross license, Rider must first have the following readily available:

  1.  Current AMA membership;
  2.  Proof of Primary medical insurance coverage (a photo of your current medical card must be uploaded);
  3.  Proof of completion of ImPACT Concussion Management Test result. This test can be administered online at or at any approved medical facility. ImPACT concussion tests are good for 2 years. If your test was taken in 2018 or earlier, you are due to take the test again in 2020;
  4.  ALL RIDERS will be required to complete the Direct Deposit agreement and w-9 (upon acceptance/renewal you will complete that through your rider profile)

FOREIGN RIDERS will be paid by check at the following event. Alternative methods are available upon request.

Either of the requirements above is MANDATORY. We will not issue checks (except foreign riders), it is your responsibility to provide use with the correct information. 

  1.  Completed IRS Form W-9 (or Form 8233 for Non-Resident Aliens);
  2.  Color head shot photo with face clearly visible;
  3.  New Applicantscopy of your birth certificate;
  4.  Foreign RidersStart Permission Release and certification from home country licensing federation.

Once these items are assimilated, the license application process consists of the following 3 steps:

STEP 1: AMA Pro Racing Online Application

Visit the AMA Pro Racing Member Network, complete all the fields and submit electronically. 

STEP 2: Mail Required Forms to AMA Pro Racing

Upon completion of the online applications you will receive an email with the following required documents that must be downloaded, printed in color, signed and NOTARIZED at your local notary. 

  1. 2020 Motocross License Application
  2. 2020 Motocross License Payment Form
  3. AMA Pro Racing Membership Terms and Conditions (signature only)
  4. 2020 Annual Participant Release, Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement (notarize)
  5. 2020 MXS All-Event Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement (notarize)
  6. Annex B: 2020 Athlete Consent to Doping Control (signature only)

New applicants must include a copy of their birth certificate.

Foreign riders must include a Start Permission Release and certification from their home country licensing federation.

Mail ALL forms (including pages that are text only) to the following address:

AMA Pro Racing
ATTN: Membership Services
525 Fentress Blvd. Suite B
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Mail completed forms to AMA Pro Racing directly to the address above. DO NOT mail forms to MX Sports Pro Racing. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted.

Documents must be received by AMA Pro Racing no later than 30 days prior to your first event of the season. License applications will only be approved in advance and will not be accepted or approved at an event.

STEP 3: Update Rider Profile & Register

MX Sports will notify you by email when your application has been approved and will provide you with login information for your online MX Sports Rider Profile. Through your Rider Profile you can register for events, purchase event tickets, update and maintain sponsors, and manage banking and contact information. It is important that you update your Rider Profile as soon as possible upon receipt of login information. If at any point throughout the season any of your information changes, please update your profile. We are not responsible for pro purse deposits that are deposited into an incorrect account.

When registering for your first event you will be required to enter your W-9 information and the Direct Deposit agreement information, which then will be pre-populated into the correct form and uploaded to your profile for MXS PRO administration to manage.