High Point National

LocationHigh Point Raceway - Mount Morris, PA
TimeJune 17, 2017

Est: 1977

Welcome to the 41st Annual High Point National. This year's Red Bull High Point will mark Round 4 of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing. The races are the perfect way to spend Father’s Day weekend in the great outdoors and the anticipation for this year’s race will be extra special with extensive track changes and upgrades!



Track Profile

There might not be a better place to see the grandeur of the full display of the sport of motocross than Greene County’s High Point Raceway. This track weaves its way around a deep valley, treating the riders to constant elevation changes. From the slippery off-camber corners to the high-speed runs to and from the valley floor, no section of this track is completely flat, which makes it a true challenge and fun racetrack. But what makes it tough for the athletes makes it great for the spectators, because several vantage points atop the valley offer full views of the track below. Further, High Point’s jumps were engineered to sit right in front of the main spectator areas, letting fans get close while they watch the riders go big. Some call it moto theater—and it’s a show filled with ups and downs, twists and turns.

Where did it all start?  In the fall of 1976 brothers Jack and Carroll Holbert invited off-road pioneer Dave Coombs Sr. out to their family farm in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, to see if he wanted to build a motocross track there. High Point Raceway was founded shortly thereafter with the help in design by the visiting Maico factory team from Europe. Since then High Point has been among the pillars of American motocross, hosting a round of the AMA Po Motocross Championship every year since 1977, and countless off-road, regional and local motocross events. 

What’s new? This year fans will be treated to a brand-new layout. Gone is the iconic uphill start. New is a massive first turn sweeper, Finish Line and brand new hydraulic starting gate, providing fans with longer and better views of the famous racetrack. We moved more than 150,000 cubic yards of dirt to bring our racers and fans this new experience. The renovations will provide a better starting grid, as well as an enhanced podium location and celebration with a stadium feel. 

Roam from vantage point to vantage point around the circuit, and experience the action from multiple areas. But no matter where you end up, you will be able to see nearly 100% of the race action, as High Point has a unique amphitheater design. And just as unique as the racetrack are the fans. Our fans are the best!  They are tough, hardy and fun-spirited; they enjoy the outdoors and love their moto!  High Point fans are Steeler fans, Pirate fans and Penguin fans, which makes this southeastern Pennsylvania venue the perfect place to spend Father’s Day.

So take your dad to the races this summer and celebrate 41 years of great racing memories at High Point with a few thousand of your friends!

Special Events

  • TBA


  • Large interactive Sponsor Village
  • Onsite ATM
  • Grandstand seating
  • Open Air Festival seating: bring a blanket and chairs
  • Nearly 100% Track Viewing from a variety of vantage points
  • Infield Track Viewing via Three Track Tunnels
  • Covered Super Ticket VIP Viewing Area with live timing and scoring, private restrooms, and catered lunch on Saturday
  • Food, Soft Drink and Beer Concessions
  • Handicap Viewing Area & Parking
  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • Free Motorcycle Parking and Gear/Helmet Check
  • Coolers welcome, but no glass bottles please
  • Easy Entry/Exit 

Local Partners

  • Morgantown Powersports, Morgantown, WV
  • Cernic's Cycle World, Johnstown, PA
  • Lojaks Cycle, Tarentum, PA
  • Waynesburg Yamaha, Waynesburg, PA
  • RG Honda, Clarksburg, WV
  • Cleveland Brothers CAT
  • Plum Construction
  • Coastal Drilling


Shipping Address

High Point Raceway
281 Taylortown Rd
Mount Morris, PA 15349

General Information

  • Saturday Parking Fee: $10/vehicle
  • Gates open Thursday @ Noon and close midnight to 6 am daily. Please plan accordingly.
  • Be prepared to show credentials at all security checkpoints
  • General Information: located at the Main Entrance/Gate 1
  • Will Call: located in tent across the road from Pro Gate/Gate 2 (Friday 9am-5pm & Saturday 7am-2pm)
  • First Aid: located at Ambulance Station on Amateur Side B
  • Security: Headquartered at Main Entrance/Gate 1
  • Lost & Found: located at Announcer Tower
  • No glass bottles allowed on property 
  • No drones or remote control aircraft permitted
  • No pets allowed in main fan areas on Saturday
  • No pit vehicles. No pit bikes, quads, scooters golf carts, UTVs, etc. 
  • Do not take banners. Banners and event signage are the private property of the promoter. Removal of these items is illegal and punishable by law. You will be prosecuted for theft.
  • Responsibility. Motocross racing, like all motorsports can be dangerous. When you enter the grounds you assume the risk of injury and/or damage. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your children. Be aware of their location at all times. Never turn you back to oncoming racers.
  • Keep your radio tuned to MXFM 88.1 FM for up-to-date announcements, racing news, interviews and information throughout the weekend. Although we have a public address system, the best way to stay tuned is to tune in.
  • Be Social with High Point Raceway, like the official Facebook Page!


  • On-site Camping available Thursday – Sunday.
  • Preferred Camping is located on Pro Side A and is limited in quantity.
  • All Fan Camping is located on Amateur Side B. 
  • All vehicles on premises overnight must have a camping permit.
  • We will park you as you arrive, in the next available space, in the area of your choice.  You may not save spots for people who will arrive later.
  • Camping spaces are no wider than 20’.
  • All tents/awnings must be staked down securely.
  • No campsites, tents or awnings permitted within 40’ of the motocross track fence.
  • Gates closed Midnight to 6 am daily - please plan accordingly.
  • Gate prices do not change until Midnight.  If you arrive prior to midnight, you will be charged that day’s admission.
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times.  If you leave the facility you must have it on in order to re-enter. This is your gate ticket. Do not take it off.
  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm nightly.  No loud generators after this time.
  • Stay off the track:  The racetrack if off limits to fans.  Only registered racers and authorized personnel are permitted on the racetrack.  No one is permitted on the racetrack at night.
  • Search Policy:  All vehicles are subject to search at any time. 
  • Prohibited items:  No fireworks, glass bottles, kegs, scaffolding or weapons.  Track is not responsible for return of confiscated items.
  • No open campfires. Small contained cooking fires are permitted no larger than 20” diameter.
  • Pets allowed - Must remain on leash at all times. Must stay in Camping Area and Amateur Pits. No pets allowed on Pro Side A or in main fan areas on Saturday.
  • Fire Extinguishers.  All campers/haulers over 20’ should be equipped with a fully functioning fire extinguisher.
  • Sanitation: Please use our trash receptacles.  If you need trash bags, you can get them from the front gate.
  • Sleep Safe:  Be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Motocross Racing is a family activity, and one of the most exciting features is the opportunity to camp out and have fun with your family and friends. However, if you are staying overnight in an RV or vehicle, or using a generator, you need to be aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning. CO is a poisonous, colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can be released when burning gasoline, kerosene, oil, propane or wood.

Mind your vehicle and generator exhaust while in close proximity to your family and neighbors. Do not place your generator directly under a slide-out or under your vehicle, where the fumes can seep into the camper. Make sure all exhaust fumes are properly and fully vented, so that they do not become trapped or seep into your sleeping quarters. When sleeping in a van, car or truck, make sure the exhaust is unobstructed if you run the engine for heat. Even when sleeping outdoors under the stars, make sure you are not too close to an exhaust. Devastating consequences can result without proper ventilation.

What to do if you suspect someone has been poisoned:

When you suspect CO poisoning, promptly taking the following actions can save lives:

  • Move the victim immediately to fresh air in an open area
  • Call 911 and notify track officials immediately.
  • Administer CPR if the victim has stopped breathing. (Be careful not to expose yourself to fatal levels of CO poisoning when administering CPR).

Know the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. For more information, please visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency page on Carbon Monoxide.

Camping FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Camping. For more information on the High Point National, please call our offices at (304) 284-0084.

What is the difference between Fan Camping and Preferred Camping?
Preferred Camping is generally located much closer to the track and tends to have more families.

Is camping based on reservations or first-come basis?
In order to get all of the campers parked in a safe and orderly fashion, camping is first-come.

Are there electric or water hook ups for RVs?
No. All camping is primitive.

If we elect to camp, what time do we need to be out of the camping spot on Sunday?
10 am.

Any other questions or needs can be directed to social@mxsportsproracing.com

Handicap or Special Needs requests can be directed to social@mxsportsproracing.com

High Point National Winners

450 Class      
Date  Winner Hometown  Machine
6/18/16 Ken Roczen Germany SUZ
6/13/15 Ken Roczen Germany SUZ
6/14/14 James Stewart Haines City, FL  SUZ
6/8/13 Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA KAW
6/9/12 Ryan Dungey Belle Plaine, MN KTM
6/11/11 Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA KAW
6/12/10 Ryan Dungey Belle Plaine, MN SUZ
6/13/09 Chad Reed Australia SUZ
6/15/08 James Stewart Haines City, FL  KAW
5/27/07 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  SUZ
5/28/06 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  SUZ
5/29/05 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  SUZ
5/30/04 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  HON
5/25/03 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  HON
5/26/02 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  HON
5/27/01 David Vuillemin France  YAM
5/28/00 David Vuillemin France  YAM
5/30/99 Greg Albertyn  South Africa SUZ
5/24/98 Ezra Lusk Bainbridge, GA  HON
5/25/97 Damon Bradshaw Mooresville, NC  HON
5/26/96 Jeff Emig Kansas City, KS KAW
5/28/95 Doug Henry Oxford, CT  YAM
5/29/94 Mike Kiedrowski Canyon Country, CA  KAW
5/30/93 Damon Bradshaw Mooresville, NC  YAM
5/24/92 Damon Bradshaw Mooresville, NC  YAM
5/26/91 Jeff Stanton Sherwood, MI  HON
5/27/90 Damon Bradshaw Mooresville, NC  YAM
5/28/89 Jeff Stanton Sherwood, MI  HON
5/29/88 Rick Johnson El Cajon, CA  HON
5/24/87 Ron Lechien El Cajon, CA  KAW
5/25/86 Rick Johnson El Cajon, CA  HON
5/26/85 Jeff Ward San Juan Capistrano, CA  KAW
5/27/84 Rick Johnson El Cajon, CA  YAM
5/29/83 Bob Hannah Whittier, CA  HON
5/30/82 Rick Johnson El Cajon, CA  YAM
5/24/81 Kent Howerton San Antonio, TX  SUZ
5/25/80 Kent Howerton San Antonio, TX  SUZ
7/8/79 Kent Howerton San Antonio, TX  SUZ
7/29/78 Jim Ellis E. Hampton, CT  HON
5/29/77 Tony DiStefano Morrisville, PA  SUZ


250 Class      
Date  Winner Hometown  Machine
6/18/16 Joey Savatgy Thomasville, GA KAW
6/13/15 Marvin Musquin France KTM
6/14/14 Blake Baggett Grand Terrace, CA KAW
6/8/13 Marvin Musquin France KTM
6/9/12 Eli Tomac Cortez, CO HON
6/11/11 Blake Baggett Grand Terrace, CA KAW
6/12/10 Tyla Rattray South Africa KAW
6/13/09 Christophe Pourcel France KAW
6/15/08 Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA  KAW
5/27/07 Joshua Grant Riverside, CA  HON
5/28/06 Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WA  KAW
5/29/05 Mike Alessi Victorville, CA  KTM
5/30/04 James Stewart Haines City, FL  KAW
5/25/03 Michael Brown Johnson City, TN  KAW
5/26/02 Chad Reed Australia  YAM
5/27/01 Travis Pastrana Annapolis, MD  SUZ
5/28/00 Kelly Smith Ludington, MI  KTM
5/30/99 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  KAW
5/24/98 Ricky Carmichael Havana, FL  KAW
5/25/97 Scott Sheak Germantown, NY  HON
5/26/96 Kevin Windham Baton Rouge, LA  KAW
5/28/95 Tim Ferry Largo, FL  SUZ
5/29/94 Doug Henry Oxford, CT  HON
5/30/93 Jeff Emig Kansas City, KS  YAM
5/24/92 Mike LaRocco South Bend, IN  KAW
5/26/91 Brian Swink Fenton, MI  HON
5/27/90 Jean-Michel Bayle France  HON
5/28/89 George Holland Kerman, CA  HON
5/29/88 Guy Cooper Stillwater, OK  SUZ
5/24/87 Micky Dymond Yorba Linda, CA  HON
5/25/86 Micky Dymond Yorba Linda, CA  HON
5/26/85 Erik Kehoe Granada Hills, CA  SUZ
5/27/84 Jeff Ward San Juan Capistrano, CA  KAW
5/29/83 Mark Barnett Bridgeview, IL  SUZ


500cc Motocross      
Date  Winner Hometown  Machine
5/26/85 David Bailey Axton, VA  HON
5/27/84 David Bailey Axton, VA  HON
5/29/83 Danny Chandler Foresthill, CA  HON
5/30/82 Darrell Shultz Trinidad, CA  HON
5/24/81 Broc Glover El Cajon, CA  YAM
5/25/80 Chuck Sun Sherwood, OR  HON
7/8/79 Gaylon Mosier Huntington Beach, CA  KAW
7/9/78 Rick Burgett Sandy, OR  YAM