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Onboard Camera Use Application

Onboard Camera Use Application

Riders may request approval to use Onboard Cameras to record their on-track riding activity during the 2024 Pro Motocross Series.  Riders may obtain approval only upon acceptance of the below terms and conditions.

Approved cameras must be presented to Technical Control prior to first event of use to be marked to verify authorization.  Only cameras approved in advance may be used. Approval will be for the 2024 season.

Onboard Camera Use Terms and Conditions:

  1. Camera Mounting: Helmet cameras are prohibited.  Cameras may only be mounted on the motorcycle or on the body of the rider, other than the helmet.  Cameras must be mounted in a way that does not compromise the function of the motorcycle.  Rider assumes full responsibility for camera mounting/placement and the decision to utilize a camera.
  2. On-Track/Race Footage Use: Use of on-track or race footage for public viewing or distribution is limited to the social media platforms of the rider and his registered Team only (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok).
  3. No Commercial Use: Footage may NOT be sold or used for commercial purposes of any kind without the express written approval of MX Sports Pro Racing.  Footage may not be used by a rider’s sponsor or for professional commercial use unless approved in writing by MX Sports Pro Racing.
  4. Clip Length: Footage posted on the rider’s social media is limited to clips no longer than sixty (60) seconds in length each, not to exceed two (2) minutes in the aggregate, per event. 
  5. Clip Publication: All published clips MUST be tagged with and include the following Series social media handles:  @ProMotocross, #ProMotocross, #ThisIsMoto
  6. Footage Rights: All onboard footage is the exclusive property of MX Sports Pro Racing, and approval may be withdrawn at any time for any or no reason. 
  7. Footage Access: Riders give MX Sports Pro Racing and its broadcast partners unlimited access to any and all such footage for any purpose upon request.
  8. Footage Removal: Objectionable/unauthorized footage (in the sole discretion of MX Sports Pro Racing) must be immediately removed upon request by MX Sports Pro Racing.
  9. Appropriate Use: Footage use is subject to the Rules for Professional Motocross Competition which prohibits athletes from engaging in any act or action deemed detrimental to the series and/or the sport of motorcycle racing.  Riders are required to adhere to social media publication standards. Post responsibly.

2024 Onboard Camera Use Application