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Concussion ImPACT Testing

MX Sports Pro Racing is committed to providing modern, standard of care treatment for our athletes, for all injuries, including concussion.  To that end, the Series has developed an upgraded concussion management program for all pro motocross licensed athletes.  The program is managed for the Series by Dr. Paul R. Reiman.  We are confident that this program will provide another level of safety and security for our professional athletes.

The program requires mandatory pre-season neurocognitive testing to establish a baseline level for each athlete to be used as part of a comprehensive concussion evaluation.  Baseline testing is a 30-minute computer-based exam. There are no pass/fail scores. It is used to compare pre-injury results with a post injury test. The neurocognitive test chosen by the Series is the ImPACT® Applications Baseline Test. 

A test is considered current for two seasons of competition following the date the test is completed.  If a test is completed during a competition season, the test will be current for that season and the next season immediately thereafter.  If completed prior to the start of a competition season, the test will be current for the first season beginning immediately after and the following season.

This test is a mandatory part of the Competition License application, and a current copy must be submitted before a license will be issued. 

Currently, there are three ways to take the test: 1) online self-administered test taken at home. 2) From any credentialed ImPACT Provider. 3) From a provider of your choice who can administer the test.

In order to take the test at home email Paul Reiman, M.D. and he will have ImPACT send you the information, and instructional video, and a link to the baseline test. The cost is $20. The results will then be included in the Motocross database. Please allow at least 4 days for this process.

To find a credentialled ImPACT Provider, go to, and click on Find a Provider and enter your Zip Code. You may also contact Dr. Reiman. If an athlete obtains the test outside of the MX Sports or AMA testing, please send a copy of the test or confirmation to Dr. Reiman so it can be included in the database.

Once you have taken the test, upload your results/certificate of completion directly onto your Rider Profile account at to verify compliance. 

Riders who have sustained a concussion will be required to comply with the mandated Return to Ride Protocol before returning to competition. This Protocol requires the athlete to 1) Be evaluated by a physician (M.D. or D.O.) experienced in the evaluation and treatment of sports related concussion. 2) Submit to a post injury ImPACT neurocognitive testing with comparison to the baseline test. 3) Participate in a supervised graded motocross specific exercise and riding program under the evaluating physician. 4) Present to the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Center on the morning of the first competitive race post concussion. Dr. Reiman will assist the rider in completion of the requirements.

Should you have any other questions about Baseline and the ImPACT testing program, please contact Dr. Paul Reiman.

Dr. Paul R. Reiman
[email protected]
c: 909.732.5268