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Required Insurance


SEASON: 2023

What are the requirements for Personal Primary Medical Insurance Coverage?

All AMA Pro Racing licensed Professional Motocross Riders are required to provide proof of a valid and current Personal Primary Medical Insurance Coverage Policy, which provides primary medical coverage, for treatment for any injuries experienced while  participating in any AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned Motocross event. Proof of this coverage must be provided when applying for an AMA Pro Racing Pro Motocross License and this coverage must remain current at all times when entering or participating in an AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned event.

In the event that it is determined that incorrect information is provided at the time when a License Application is submitted or in the event that such coverage should become invalid or lapsed for any reason, a rider's AMA Pro Racing Professional Motocross License, will be immediately be placed in an inactive status. This Inactive Professional License Status will temporarily suspend a rider's authority to enter or compete in any AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned Professional Motocross competition, until such time as Proof of Insurance can be confirmed.

What Other Resources are available to Riders who sustain injuries while competing at an AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned Professional Motocross Event?

In the event that an AMA Professional Motocross participant is injured while competing at an AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned National Championship Motocross event, and whose medical expenses exceed the coverage amount provided in their required Personal Primary Medical Insurance Policy, that rider may apply for additional financial assistance from the Road2Recovery Foundation.

"R2R Mission - The Road2Recovery Foundation is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000 to help AMA-Licensed Motocross and Supercross professionals and Action Sports athletes with financial assistance after sustaining career-ending injuries as well as providing motivational, emotional and spiritual support to these individuals and their families.”

Road2Recovery is an official Charity of MX Sports Pro Racing.

Who do I contact for questions or additional Information?

Information or questions regarding the requirement for Personal Primary Medical Insurance Coverage for all applicants seeking Professional Motocross licensing with AMA Pro Racing, may contact, Roy Janson at 630.768.4977 (c). or by email at [email protected]

For information regarding applications for financial assistance from Road2Recovery individuals may contact, Road2Recovery, 12900 Brookprinter Place, Suite 400, Poway, CA. 92064; or at 760.436.1366 (o), or by email at [email protected]