MX Sports Pro Racing

Substance Abuse Testing

MX Sports Pro Racing has retained the services of Aegis Sciences Corporation to administer the 2024 Motocross Substance Abuse Policy (Policy). Aegis provides similar substance abuse administration services for NFL, MLB, NHL, and IndyCar, as well as many college teams.

Aegis representatives will conduct all testing and manage all test results. The Policy specifies the substances and acts prohibited and sets forth the procedures and penalties in the event of a positive test result. Riders who test positive may eliminate, reduce or even suspend their period of ineligibility to compete by successfully completing the Return to Competition Program.

The Policy requires riders to notify Aegis and provide proof of all prescriptions containing prohibited substances in advance of testing and upon receipt of such a prescription from their treating physicians. This can be done by email or fax direct to Aegis.

All Pro Motocross riders are subject to the Policy and testing procedures.

Please direct all question to Roy Janson at [email protected]