RedBud National

LocationRedBud MX - Buchanan, MI
TimeJuly 6, 2024

Est: 1974

Welcome to the beloved and legendary RedBud National in Buchanan, MI. This legendary race will host round six of the 2024 Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing.

Track Profile

Buchanan, Michigan's RedBud is the centerpiece of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Located just above the Michigan-Indiana state line, RedBud is among the most highly regarded motocross tracks in the world, and every July Fourth weekend becomes one the region's biggest events in general. Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southwestern Michigan - a state with an affinity for off-road recreational vehicle use - RedBud has bragging rights to claim the largest attendance of any U.S. motocross race, year after year. With just the right soil mix, plenty of room for passing, and the biggest jump on the circuit - the infamous LaRocco's Leap, named after local legend Mike LaRocco - RedBud is the top motocross destination in a region that loves its motorsports. And the loyal Michigan fans' chants of "Red Buuuuud!!!" are well-known throughout the motocross world.

One winter nearly forty years ago, Valparaiso, Indiana's Gene Ritchie took a trip to Buchanan for a snowmobile race. He rode around the property, imagining that a great motocross track could be carved into the hills and fields. When that property came up for sale in 1972, Ritchie pursued his dream of creating a national-caliber motocross track. He and his wife, Nancy, found some willing partners and purchased the property. The Ritchies, the Pattersons, and the Millers built their dream track and began holding races in 1973.

RedBud held its first AMA Motocross National in 1974, and it was won by another local motocross star, Hadley, Michigan's Mike Hartwig. The facility also hosted Trans-AMA races each fall, often featuring battles between the world's best rider at the time, Roger DeCoster, and America's best, Bob "Hurricane" Hannah.

Within a few years, the original partners moved on and the Ritchie family relocated to Michigan to become full-time motocross promoters. Gene opened a bike shop, Red Bud Cycle, selling Bultacos and Maicos near the track entrance. The shop mechanic, a local teenage MX racer, became the centerpiece of the Friday night MX intermission shows; that teen was the late "Wheelie King", Doug Domokos, who went on to set world records and wow fans around the globe with his wheelie shows and spectacular stunts.

Other stars emerged from the RedBud amateur races, too, most notably Mark "The Bomber" Barnett from nearby Bridgeview, Illinois, Michigan's five-time Women's National Champ Lisa (Akin) Wagner (now on staff at RedBud), six-time AMA MX and SX Champ Jeff Stanton, and of course, today "The Rock," Mike LaRocco.

General Information

  • Small, friendly pets are permitted in the family camping area in air conditioned RVs only. Pets must stay in the RV and may not leave campsite. No pets permitted in tent camping sites or in day parking lots.
  • Gates closed Midnight to 6am daily - please plan accordingly.
  • No glass bottles in fan viewing areas
  • No drones or remote control aircraft permitted
  • No pets allowed in main fan areas or in Pro Paddock on Saturday.
  • Do not take banners. Banners and event signage are the private property of the promoter. Removal of these items is illegal and punishable by law. You will be prosecuted for theft.
  • Responsibility. Motocross racing, like all motorsports can be dangerous. When you enter the grounds you assume the risk of injury and/or damage. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your children. Be aware of their location at all times. Never turn you back to oncoming racers.
  • World Class Fireworks Show Friday and Saturday Nights
  • RV septic tank pump truck services the spectator and pit camping areas throughout the weekend.
  • Water fill service available for RVs and barrels.
  • Flush restroom trailers are available during the day and closed overnight.

Local Partners

Contact Us

RedBud Recreation
Phone: 269-695-6405

RedBud National Winners

450 Class
7/2/22Eli TomacCortez, COYAM
7/3/21Dylan FerrandisFranceYAM
9/7/20Adam CianciaruloPort Orange, FLKAW
9/4/20Zach OsborneAbingdon, VAHQV
7/6/19Eli TomacCoretz, COKAW
7/7/18Marvin MusquinLa Reole, FranceKTM
7/1/17Eli TomacCortez, COKAW
7/2/16Ken RoczenGermanySUZ
7/4/15Justin BarciaMonroe, NYYAM
7/5/14Ken RoczenGermanyKTM
7/6/13Ryan VillopotoPoulsbo, WAKAW
7/7/12Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNKTM
7/2/11Chad ReedAustraliaHON
7/3/10Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNSUZ
7/4/09Josh GrantRiverside, CAYAM
7/6/08James StewartHaines City, FL KAW
7/1/07Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL SUZ
7/2/06Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL SUZ
7/3/05Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL SUZ
7/4/04Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL HON
7/6/03Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL HON
7/7/02Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL HON
7/1/01Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW
7/2/00Sebastien TortelliFrance HON
7/4/99Kevin WindhamBaton Rouge, LA HON
7/5/98Jeff EmigKansas City, KSKAW
7/6/97John DowdChicopee, MA YAM
7/7/96Jeff EmigKansas City, KSKAW
7/2/95Jeremy McGrathMenifee, CA HON
7/3/94Mike KiedrowskiCanyon Country, CA KAW
7/4/93Mike KiedrowskiCanyon Country, CA KAW
7/5/92Mike KiedrowskiCanyon Country, CA KAW
7/7/91Damon BradshawMooresville, NC YAM
7/8/90Jeff WardSan Juan Capistrano, CA KAW
7/2/89Jeff StantonSherwood, MI HON
7/7/85Rick JohnsonEl Cajon, CA HON
7/1/84Rick JohnsonEl Cajon, CA YAM
7/3/83David BaileyAxton, VA HON
6/1/80Steve WisePharr, TX HON
7/1/79Marty TripesSantee, TX HON
7/2/78Kent HowertonSan Antonio, TX SUZ
5/22/77Tony DiStefanoMorrisville, PASUZ
4/28/74Ken ZahrtWoodland Hills, CA Bultaco

250 Class
Date WinnerHometown Machine
7/2/22Jo ShimodaJapanKAW
7/3/21RJ HampshireHudson, FLHQV
9/7/20RJ HampshireHudson, FLHQV
9/4/20Jeremy MartinMillville, MNHON
7/6/19Dylan FerrandisFranceYAM
7/7/18Aaron PlessingerHamilton, OHYAM
7/1/17Zach OsborneAbingdon, VAHQV
7/2/16Cooper WebbMorehead City, NCYAM
7/4/15Jeremy MartinMillville, MNYAM
7/5/14Jeremy MartinMillville, MNYAM
7/6/13Ken RoczenGermanyKTM
7/7/12Blake BaggettGrand Terrace, CAKAW
7/2/11Blake BaggettGrand Terrace, CAKAW
7/3/10Trey CanardShawnee, OKHON
7/4/09Jake WeimerRupert, IDKAW
7/6/08Ryan VillopotoPoulsbo, WA KAW
7/1/07Ryan VillopotoPoulsbo, WA KAW
7/2/06Ryan VillopotoPoulsbo, WA KAW
7/3/05Grant LangstonSouth Africa KAW
7/4/04Michael BrownJohnson City, TN YAM
7/6/03James StewartHaines City, FL KAW
7/7/02James StewartHaines City, FL KAW
7/1/01Larry WardFlorence, SD YAM
7/2/00Stephane RoncadaFrance YAM
7/4/99Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW
7/5/98Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW
7/6/97Kevin WindhamBaton Rouge, LA YAM
7/7/96Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CA HON
7/2/95Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CA HON
7/3/94Jeff EmigKansas City, KSYAM
7/4/93Jeff EmigKansas City, KSYAM
7/5/92Jeff EmigKansas City, KSYAM
7/7/91Mike KiedrowskiCanyon Country, CA KAW
7/8/90Guy CooperStillwater, OK SUZ
7/2/89George HollandKerman, CA HON
7/3/88Guy CooperStillwater, OK HON
7/5/87Micky DymondYorba Linda, CA HON
7/6/86Micky DymondYorba Linda, CA HON
7/7/85Ron LechienEl Cajon, CA HON
7/1/84Jeff WardSan Juan Capistrano, CA KAW
7/3/83Johnny O’MaraSimi Valley, CA HON
7/4/82Mark BarnettBridgeview, IL SUZ
7/5/81Mark BarnettBridgeview, IL SUZ
5/23/76Bob HannahWhittier, CA YAM

500cc Motocross
Date WinnerHometown Machine
7/3/88Jeff WardSan Juan Capistrano, CA KAW
7/5/87Rick JohnsonEl Cajon, CA HON
7/6/86Rick JohnsonEl Cajon, CA HON
7/7/85Broc GloverEl Cajon, CA YAM
7/1/84David BaileyAxton, VA HON
7/3/83Broc GloverEl Cajon, CA YAM
7/4/82Danny ChandlerForesthill, CA HON
7/5/81Chuck SunSherwood, OR HON
6/1/80Denny SwartzMarietta, OH Maico
7/1/79Danny LaPorteYucca Valley, CA SUZ
7/2/78Rick BurgettSandy, OR YAM
4/28/74Mike HartwigHadley, MI YAM