2019 Paddock Guidelines

Revised 6.1.19


Media Day:

Media Day will be held on Thursday for Hangtown and RedBud and Friday for all other events.  Riders/Teams may participate by invitation only.  Media Day rotation will be managed by Next Level’s Brandon Short or Casey Huntley @ 951.203.2605 or [email protected]

Thursday: Hangtown & RedBud

Friday: Remaining events

1:00 pm - Media Interviews
1:30 pm - Track Ride                                                     

Paddock Parking:

Teams are parked according to OEM brands. We have found this works best for providing support and creating a better flow for the fans in the Paddock. 

  • Thursday: 9:00 am  Press Rider parking (limited to participating riders)
  • Friday: 8:30 am  Semi Staging*

9:00 am Semi Parking

9:30 am Privateer Parking (or 15 min. after Semi’s park)

*Note: See Series Manual for Staging locations and semi directions. 

Paddock Hours:

  • Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - Press Riders and Teams
  • Friday: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm - Open to Credential Holders
  • Saturday: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm - Open to Credential Holders
                      9:00 am to 12:00 pm - Open to General Public*

*Note:  During General Public hours, vehicles may not enter or leave the Paddock.

Technical Inspection

  • Friday:
    2:00 pm to 3:00 pm - MXPro Semi – Top 20 per class
    3:00 pm to 5:00 pm - MXPro Semi – Remaining riders

*Required:  Race machine, Helmet, Jersey

Track Inspection:

  • Friday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm - Team Carts permitted 

Will Call:

  • Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Saturday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm



  • Credentials must be worn and clearly visible at all times while in the Paddock, on the track or within the venue, and only by the individual to whom it was issued.
  • Your credential is your responsibility, is non-transferable and may not be distributed, given away or sold. 
  • Anyone who counterfeits, forges or alters a credential (with the intent to defraud) is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to prosecution under applicable laws.
  • MXPro reserves the right to revoke credentials at any time for any or no reason.  Only credentials issued by MXPro in its sole and absolute discretion are valid.
  • Anyone violating this policy will be subject to removal/eviction from the venue, suspension from the Series and prosecution under applicable laws. 

#2 Track Access Pass:

  • The track infield is a restricted area.
  • A Track Access Pass is a special armband reserved for authorized technical crew members only.  A hard card or crew band DOES NOT provide track access to crew members.  Crew members violating this policy may have their crew and/or team credentials revoked.
  • Pass is non-transferable and provides track access only - not gate admission.
  • Persons granted track access must comply with the following restrictions:
  • Must be an adult (18 years+) - No minors.
  • Must remain a minimum of 10 feet from the edge of the racetrack surface at all times;
  • Do not stand on jumps, tunnel jumps or near jump landings;
  • Do not cross the racetrack during the race or at any time bikes are on the track;
  • Do not provide mechanical assistance to riders;
  • Do not interfere with or block TV camera views or angles;
  • Do not cheer, wave or signal riders;
  • Must wear appropriate team attire, including closed-toe footwear;
  • Must display both the MXS-issued credential AND track access band; and
  • Must comply with all directions given by MXS officials and/or staff.


  • Any person accessing the Venue without the proper credential or assisting someone to do so will be deemed to trespass and may be subject to prosecution under applicable laws. 
  • Designated paddock entrances must be used when entering the Paddock.
  • Any person found breaking, climbing over, opening the fence or otherwise entering the Paddock at a non-designated paddock entrance will be subject to prosecution under applicable laws.


Official Race Teams may request authorization for the use of video equipment during practice for self-contained Team use ONLY.  Filming may be done for equipment and/or rider development purposes ONLY and may not be used for social media or any other distribution sources.  Filming or distribution for purposes other than for internal team use is PROHIBITED.  The track infield is a restricted area reserved for technical crew members only, and those given access are subject to the restrictions above.  Only crew members who have been issued MXPro season credentials may have access to the infield for video purposes.  


Helmet Cameras may be used based upon application and approval only.  Riders with approved helmet cameras may have unlimited use of all video content for internal engineering and rider support purposes, and limited use of “on-track” video content for public distribution, in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by MX Sports in the application.  All such footage shall remain the exclusive property of MXPro, which shall be given access to said footage for any purpose upon request.  To request Helmet Camera approval, apply HERE.


At the events with permanent Paddock Wash Stations (currently RedBud and Ironman), Premiere and Feature Teams will be required to use these wash stations for all bike washing during practice sessions only.  Power washers (compliments Karcher) will be provided for team use.  Teams may wash at their own rig during racing.  In addition, a Privateer Wash Station will be set up at all tracks, compliments of Karcher.


Hard Card / Rental Car Lot:  Hard card (season credential) holders with rental/personal vehicles may park in the designated Hard Card lot located adjacent to the Paddock.  Parking for other guests is in the public parking areas and will not be free of charge.  Neither lot is secured. 

Personal Vehicles:  Personal and non-transport vehicles may not be parked in the Paddock without a Parking Pass, i.e., cars, trucks, vans, etc., including those towed behind motor coaches. Only transport vehicles and authorized rental/personal vehicles (designated with a special parking pass issued be MXPro) will be permitted in the Paddock.

Rider Motor Coaches:  Each OEM will be permitted to park one motor coach next to its semi. In addition, current class champions may park their motor coach next to their team semi. All other motor coaches, tour buses and rider RV’s will be directed to a suitable location within the Paddock as designated by MXPro.  All vehicles parked in the compound or Paddock must vent the generator exhaust to the top of their unit so as not to interfere with their neighbor. 

Rider Unloading:  Team personnel may bring vehicles into the Paddock for the limited purpose of unloading equipment, gear, groceries, etc. The driver of the vehicle must leave his season credential with the Security Guard at the Paddock entrance and will have a maximum of 30 minutes to unload and exit the Paddock. Credentials will be returned when the vehicle exits the Paddock. 

Team Area / Space:

  • MXPro shall determine team/rider parking locations in its sole and absolute discretion, consistent with the following order: (1) Factory Teams, (2) factory support teams, and (3) privateers.
  • The team area or space (“Team Space”) is defined as the area in the Paddock of the event Venue assigned to a team by MXPro.
  • The dimensions of the Team Space are determined by the total length of the vehicle/transporter from the nose to the end of the lift gate and vehicle/awning width, with the understanding that the length shall not exceed one hundred (100) feet, the width shall not exceed thirty (30) feet, and the maximum height shall not exceed fourteen feet (14’). Use of additional space is prohibited without the prior written consent of MXPro.
  • All team sponsor displays must be contained within the Team Space and behind team skirting. Awnings, umbrellas, ez-ups, and other equipment may not be placed outside the allotted Team Space for any purpose, including displaying, exhibiting or marketing to or by team sponsors.
  • Specific venues may require unique paddock layouts and may therefore limit the use of a team’s awnings, umbrellas, ez-ups and other equipment.
  • There shall only be one (1) Team Transporter permitted for each team. Additional transporters, straight trucks, fifth wheel trailers, box vans, hospitality units or other vehicles are prohibited without the prior written approval of MXPro in its sole and absolute discretion.

Team Carts: 

  • Premiere and Feature Teams will be granted the privilege of using a Team Cart.
  • Any approved Team Cart must have a cart pass issued by MXPro.
  • Team Carts must be used for work purposes only – food, equipment, crew, and rider transportation.
  • Approved Team Carts may access the Paddock and Mechanics Areas.
  • Team Carts may be used for track inspection Friday evening between the hours designated above only. 
  • On race day, Team carts will not be permitted to leave the Paddock after 10:00 am and may not enter the general spectator area, the racetrack or infield areas at any time, for any purpose. 
  • Otherwise, the use of “pit vehicles” is strictly prohibited. 

Team Vehicles: Each OEM will be allowed one “team” vehicle in their assigned Team Space, with the following restrictions:

  • Team vehicles must display a “Team Vehicle Pass”.
  • Vehicles must display prominent Team logos similar to those displayed on the Team Transporter. Vehicles with Team Sponsor only graphics will not be permitted.
  • Exotic vehicles and vehicles without graphics are not considered team vehicles and must park in the rental car lot.
  • Vehicles cannot display a “Window MSRP Sticker” at any time.
  • Vehicles must remain locked with all doors closed during all times the general public is permitted in the paddock, i.e., Saturday 9:00 am - Noon. The hood and trunk must also remain closed.
  • Vehicles shall remain parked until the end of the race 


Autograph Materials / Sessions:

  • Teams and riders may distribute autograph materials that consist of team posters, team cards or team pictures.
  • Autograph materials must be solely related to the Team and may include Team sponsor logos.
  • No “sponsor only” related autograph material may be distributed at any time by the Team or Team sponsors.
  • Autograph materials may include Team sponsor coupons.
  • Riders must be made available to sign autographs for fans in the paddock area or in Sponsor Village during the early entry period, i.e., Saturday, 9:00 am – Noon. 

Hospitality / Catering Activities:

  • Any catering activities require the prior approval of MXPro and are subject to the applicable Venue regulations governing such activities, and if approved, shall be performed at the sole cost and expense of the Team.  Moreover, Teams may be required to utilize the Venue’s designated caterer for any such catering or food-related hospitality activities, unless specific permission is granted.
  • Within the Team Space only, food and non-alcoholic beverages may only be served to team guests that possess appropriate credentials as provided by MXPro. 
  • No food or beverages of any kind may be distributed or served to spectators, fans, or other individuals without the prior written approval of MXPro.
  • Any on-site food preparation must meet all applicable local, state or federal guidelines and health code regulations, and Teams shall be strictly responsible for fully complying with all such regulations.
  • If Teams are permitted to engage in any catering or sampling activities, such Teams shall do so with the understanding and agreement that they must indemnity, defend and hold MXPro harmless with respect to any and all claims, lawsuits, and causes of actions and/or damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or in connection with such activities.
  • All catering/hospitality activities shall be contained within the Team Space specifically designated by MXPro for such activities. 

Merchandise:  The distribution or sale of any merchandise is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of MXPro. 

Promotional & Product Items: The distribution of any promotional products or marketing materials by teams, riders, sponsors or others is strictly prohibited without the prior written approval of MXPro.  All artwork must be approved by MXPro in advance. 

  • Promotional products or materials include, but are not limited to: energy drinks, stickers, videos, DVD’s, compact discs (cd’s), video games, flags, visors, key chains, koozies, catalogs, flyers, coupons, magnets, pens/pencils, vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, or motorcycle products. 
  • The distribution of coupons and/or bags bearing the team name is allowed but may only include logos within the team name.  All such artwork shall be subject to the prior written approval of MXPro.
  • Team or sponsor mascots, models, brand ambassadors, spokespersons, and any other persons representing a team or any sponsor are only allowed within the confines of the Team Space, and require the prior written approval of MXPro.
  • Media-driven promotions are subject to the prior written approval of MXPro. 

Sampling:  Sampling of any products, food or beverage (including energy drinks) is strictly prohibited without the prior written approval of MXPro.  Food products, energy drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted for personal, self-contained team use only. 


Emergencies:  MXPro recognizes the inherent risks associated with professional motorsports events and the possibility of emergency incidents that might involve participants or spectators, in addition to the concerns for conducting events in all types of weather conditions. In the event of an emergency situation, responses will, when possible, be conducted in accordance with the MXPro Incident Response & Inclement Weather protocol that is available for review upon request.   

Paddock Security:  Venue will provide continuous paddock security from Friday 9:00 am thru Saturday 6:00 pm. However, Venue cannot secure persons or personal property from all circumstances and is not responsible for losses or damages.  All credentialed participants are reminded that each rider and team is responsible for the safety of their staff and associated guests within the Venue grounds and for the security of all rider and team property, vehicles and equipment used during the course of each event. 

Severe Weather:  MXPro utilizes a variety of methods and programs for monitoring local weather conditions at and during each event. MXPro will use our best effort to keep teams informed of any imminent severe weather conditions; however, all participants are responsible for monitoring local weather conditions at all times, and each rider and team is responsible for anchoring, removing or disassembling any temporary structures in their immediate Team Space during times of extreme or severe weather conditions. Information on monitoring local weather conditions is available at www.noaa.gov.   



  • All participants must be prepared to address the use of any temporary structures adjacent to transport vehicles, including awnings, tarps, tents or any other structures, during any and all weather conditions.  For example, awnings should not be used for shelter in a windstorm and should be evacuated in the event of high winds.  Extra precaution should be taken when staking down tents and awnings in bad weather.
  • All competitor transport vehicles (if applicable) require a LETTER OF CERTIFICATION that tents are flame retardant and a LETTER OF STRUCTURAL STABILITY. Without these letters present or attached, the fire marshal may require removal of the tent or structure.  Compliance letters must be submitted to Jeff Canfield ([email protected]) 30 days prior to the team’s first event.
  • California requires a special flame retardant certification seal be attached to the awning.   This may change from year to year, and we suggest you check with the state of California before purchasing a new awning.
  • Cooking and/or grilling under tents/awnings is prohibited.

Fire Extinguishers:   ALL transport vehicles must have OSHA-approved ABC40 class fire extinguishers in their approved Team Space, and all team staff and working volunteers must be familiar with the location and operation of all fire extinguishers. 

Fire & Safety Plan:

  • Vehicles parked in the paddock overnight should be accompanied by team personnel with full access to the rig and the ability to remove it from the paddock in the event of an emergency.
  • Teams with unattended overnight transporters should designate an onsite representative with full access to the rig and the ability to remove it from the paddock in the event of an emergency.
  • In the event of an emergency, MXPro representatives will contact the Team Manager and/or Driver for purposes of rig removal and will make every effort to secure the surrounding area and protect persons and property.
  • Teams/Riders must fully cooperate with the local Fire Marshal and/or Fire Department at all times.  Failure to fully comply may subject violators to prosecution under applicable laws, as well as fine and/or penalty from MXPro.

Flammable/Hazardous Substances:  Teams and working employees should be aware of and comply with all local, state and federal requirements regarding the use, storage and transportation of flammable and hazardous substances, including race fuels and related aerosols, chemicals and lubricants.  All teams/riders should display a “NO SMOKING” sign within the confines of their paddock area.  This can be easily accomplished by attaching a sign to the door or side of the transport vehicle. 

Ladders:  Any ladders used to install awnings should be used in accordance with OSHA standards (OSHA 3124-12R 2003) and meet current OSHA requirements for industrial ladders. 

Lift Gates:  At all times when lift gates are in operation, an on-the-ground “spotter” should be present to notify any individual on the lift gate when they might be exposed to risk of falling and to ensure that the movement of the lift gate does not endanger individuals on the ground in the immediate area of the lift gate.

OSHA:  In the past, our events have been visited by inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a division of the U.S. Department of Labor.  During these visits, OSHA inspectors have identified areas of concern regarding the on-the-job activities of our teams and their associated staff.   Although MXPro is not the employer of or responsible for these team members or their staff, we encourage all Teams to be familiar with and comply with all OSHA regulations and general work-place safety policies.  OSHA regulations are available online at www.osha.gov. 

Roof Access:  Individuals should not stand, view, sit or spectate from the roof areas of transporters, unless those areas are enclosed with OSHA-approved guard rails, and further unless such access to these areas by either ladder or lift gate meets all state and federal OSHA guidelines.  In addition, at any time an individual is required to access the rooftop of a transport vehicle, an on-the-ground spotter should be present to provide the same instructions as referenced above while using lift gates. 

Temporary Structures:  

  • The use of temporary structures or displays within each designated paddock space is the sole responsibility of each rider and team. MXPro does not assume any responsibility for the use, placement or structural integrity of any temporary structures used by event participants.
  • Some venues DO NOT ALLOW ANY DRILLING, NAILING OR ANY TYPE OF PENETRATION INTO THE PADDOCK SURFACE. You MUST find an alternate system to hold down your tent, flags, truss, displays, etc. in these locations. While we will use our best effort to inform you of such locations in advance, it is your responsibility to learn and abide by Venue rules during the event.  

Trash / Fuel / Oil / Coolant Dumping: 

  • All trash must be disposed of in approved containers in accordance with applicable laws.
  • The dumping of fuel, motor oil, coolant, grey water, or black water in the paddock area or on the Venue property is strictly prohibited.  Violators are subject to immediate eviction from both the paddock area and Venue and fine by MXPro and may be subject to prosecution under applicable law.
  • It is the responsibility of each Team to determine and comply with the rules and regulations of each Venue.  


Penalties for Paddock Guideline Infractions:

In addition to the penalties set forth above, penalties for violation of the Paddock Guidelines may include:

  • 1st offense: written warning to the team referencing the guideline(s) violated.
  • 2nd offense: loss of premium parking for the Team and all related vehicles and equipment for the next event following such violation.
  • 3rd offense: loss of premium parking for the Team and all related vehicles and equipment for the next three (3) events following such violation. 
  • Any subsequent violations of the Paddock Guidelines will place the Team and all related vehicles and equipment in the back of the paddock area for the remainder of the season, and Team sponsor activations/displays of any type will not be permitted for the remainder of the season.