Budds Creek National

LocationBudds Creek Raceway - Mechanicsville, MD
TimeAugust 17, 2024

Est: 1989

Welcome to the 35th running of the Budds Creek National. This year's Budds Creek National will serve as round 10 of the 2024 Pro Motocross Championship, sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing.

Track Profile

While serious business takes place a half hour away in Washington, D.C., the area around Budds Creek MX is pure relaxation. The nearby Chesapeake Bay draws travelers of all kinds, and perfect summer weather sets the Pro National date as the right time to explore the area.

But while the track itself looks like pure fun, it gets brutally serious at the top level of AMA Pro Motocross. Perhaps fitting for a track so close to the nation’s capital, Budds Creek offers classic American Motocross, with the perfect combination of hills, jumps, corners and deep, tacky soil. The racing usually stays close, as passes come down to who can brake a little harder into a turn, or scrub a little lower over a jump. It’s an all-arounder, as if some of the best components of the other ten National tracks were dropped into a valley to produce an all-around marvel. From the right spots atop the hillsides, you can see it all, as well!

Make a weekend out of this one so you can check out D.C. and the beautiful Maryland countryside, and then sit back for some of the most intense motocross action anywhere. This place is part business, part fun, and all American.


  • Open Air Festival seating & VIP seating options
  • Nearly 100% Track Viewing from a variety of vantage points
  • Infield Track Viewing
  • Covered Super Ticket VIP Viewing Area with live timing and scoring, private restrooms, and catering
  • ADA Viewing Area & convenient parking
  • Onsite ATM
  • Large interactive Sponsor Village
  • Food & Drink Concessions
  • Easy Entry/Exit
  • Onsite Camping
  • Free Motorcycle Parking

General Information

  • Saturday Parking Fee: $20. Free parking for advance online ticket purchasers.
  • Gate Open: Thursday @ 10 am and close midnight to 6 am daily. Please plan accordingly.
  • Be prepared to show credentials at all security checkpoints
  • 10 p.m. Curfew. Fans must return to their campsites by 10 p.m. each night, we ask that you do not roam around after that time.
  • 11 p.m. Quiet Time. No loud music or generators after this time.
  • General Information: located at the Main Entrance/Gate 1
  • Will Call: Friday location: Drag Strip. Saturday it is located inside of Main Gate 1, to the left. Look for big white tent: "Industry Services"
  • Security: Headquartered at Main Gate 1
  • Lost & Found: located at Main Gate 1
  • Pets Allowed: must remain on leash at all times. Must stay in Camping Area and Amateur Pits. No pets allowed Pro Pits or in Fan Viewing areas on Saturday.
  • No glass bottles allowed in Fan Viewing areas 
  • No drones or remote control aircraft
  • Pit Vehicles. We do not allow pit bikes, scooters, SxS, ATVs, etc. Golf Carts permitted.
  • Do not take banners. Banners and event signage are the private property of Budds Creek Raceway. Removal of these items is illegal and punishable by law. You will be prosecuted for theft.
  • Responsibility. Motocross racing, like all motorsports can be dangerous. When you enter the grounds you assume the risk of injury and/or damage to your person and property. It is your responsibility to keep yourself and your children safe. Be aware of their location at all times. Never turn you back to oncoming racers. Remember, you share the facility with moving wheels and motorcycles. Be cautious of moving wheels in foot traffic areas. 
  • Keep your radio tuned to MXFM 93.5 FM for up-to-date announcements, racing news, interviews and information throughout the weekend. Although we have a public address system, the best way to stay tuned is to tune in.
  • Be Social with Budds Creek Pro National, like the official Facebook Page!

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Twitter: @BuddsCreekMX
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Contact Us

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[email protected]

Budds Creek National Winners

450 Class   
8/20/22Jason AndersonRio Rancho, NMKAW
8/21/21Dylan FerrandisFranceYAM
8/17/19Eli TomacCortez, COKAW
8/18/18Eli TomacCortez, COKAW
8/19/17Justin BogleCushing, OKSUZ
8/27/16Ken RoczenGermanySUZ
6/27/15Justin BarciaMonroe, NYYAM
7/12/14Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNKTM
6/22/13Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNKTM
6/16/12Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNKTM
6/18/11Chad ReedAustraliaHON
6/19/10Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNSUZ
8/22/09Chad ReedAustraliaSUZ
7/13/08James Stewart Haines City, FLKAW
6/17/07Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLSUZ
6/18/06Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLSUZ
6/19/05Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLSUZ
6/20/04Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLHON
6/15/03Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLHON
6/16/02Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLHON
6/17/01Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLKAW
6/18/00Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLKAW
6/20/99Kevin WindhamBaton Rouge, LAHON
6/21/98Doug Henry Oxford, CTYAM
6/15/97Ezra Lusk Bainbridge, GAYAM
6/16/96Jeremy McGrathMenifee, CAHON
6/18/95Jeremy McGrathMenifee, CAHON
5/22/94Mike LaRoccoSouth Bend, INKAW


250 Class   
Date WinnerHometown Machine
8/20/22RJ HampshireHudson, FLHQV
8/21/21Jeremy MartinMillville, MNYAM
8/17/19Shane McElrathCanton, NCKTM
8/18/18RJ HampshireHudson, FLHON
8/19/17Adam CianciaruloPort Orange, FLKAW
8/27/16Zach OsborneAbingdon, VAHQV
6/27/15Marvin MusquinFranceKTM
7/12/14Blake BaggettGrand Terrace, CAKAW
6/22/13Blake BaggettGrand Terrace, CAKAW
6/16/12Blake BaggettGrand Terrace, CAKAW
6/18/11Tyla RattraySouth AfricaKAW
6/19/10Dean WilsonScotlandKAW
8/22/09Jake WeimerRupert, IDKAW
7/13/08Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WAKAW
6/17/07Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WAKAW
6/18/06Ryan Villopoto Poulsbo, WAKAW
6/19/05Michael Brown Johnson City, TNHON
6/20/04James Stewart Haines City, FLKAW
6/15/03James Stewart Haines City, FLKAW
6/16/02James Stewart Haines City, FLKAW
6/17/01Michael Brown Johnson City, TNKAW
6/18/00Stephane Roncada FranceYAM
6/20/99Tallon Vohland Citrus Heights, CAHON
6/21/98Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLKAW
6/15/97Ricky Carmichael Havana, FLKAW
6/16/96Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CAHON
6/18/95Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CAHON
5/22/94Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CAHON
10/4/92Jeff EmigKansas City, KSYAM
10/6/91Guy Cooper Stillwater, OKSUZ
10/7/90Mike Kiedrowski Canyon Country, CAHON
10/8/89Mike Kiedrowski Canyon Country, CAHON


500cc Motocross  
Date WinnerHometown Machine
10/4/92Jeff StantonSherwood, MIHON
10/6/91Jean-Michel Bayle FranceHON
10/7/90Jeff Stanton Sherwood, MIHON
10/8/89Jean-Michel Bayle FranceHON