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High Point Entry List & Track Info

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 | 11:00 PM
  1. 250 Entry List ƒ‚  450 Entry List
  2. Paddock parking layout. We will park the press riders and teams tomorrow morning at 9:00am and the rest of the teams on Friday at 9:00am. For Friday, we will stage at the Coliseum. Please go to the staging areas as there is not room at the track or on the road in to properly stage.
  3. Semi road map ƒ—“ this will be for the drivers coming in for press.
  4. Semi Staging map ƒ—“ this provides direction for the staging area.
  5. Track Map
  6. Site Map ƒ—“ Will call will be located across the street from the pro entrance that you drive into.
  7. Weekend Schedule ƒ—“ PLEASE NOTE THE 12:00 Oƒ’CLOCK START