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Transport Vehicle Notice

MX Sports is committed to providing a safe work environment for all individuals associated with the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. In the past, our events have been visited by inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a division of the U.S. Department of Labor.ƒ‚  During these visits, the OSHA inspectors have identified a couple areas of concern regarding the on-the-job activities of our teams and their associated staff. ƒ‚ ƒ‚ Although MX Sports Pro Racing is not the employer of or responsible for these team members or their staff, we deem it important to share the OSHA inspectorsƒ’ concerns and to set forth other general safety policies for our teams so that we may all enjoy a safe working environment at the races.

Lift Gates:ƒ‚  In particular, the OSHA inspectors had concerns regarding the use of lift gates on transport vehicles and the safety of individuals needing to access the rooftops of transport vehicles while installing and removing attached awnings.

OSHA inspectors recommended that at all times when lift gates are in operation, an on-the-ground ƒ“spotterƒ” be present to notify any individual on the lift gate when they might be exposed to risk of falling and to ensure that the movement of the lift gate does not endanger individuals on the ground, in the immediate area of the lift gate.

Roof Access:ƒ‚  No individuals are allowed to spectate from the roof areas of transporters, unless those areas are enclosed in OSHA approved guard rails and that any access to these areas by either ladder or lift gate meets all state and federal OSHA guidelines.ƒ‚  OSHA inspectors further recommended that at any time when an individual is required to access the rooftop of a transport vehicle, that an on-the-ground spotter be present to provide the same instructions as referenced above while using lift gates.

Ladders: Related to these issues, OSHA inspectors recommended that all teams ensure that any ladders used to install awnings be used in accordance with OSHA standards (OSHA 3124-12R 2003) and that all ladders meet current OSHA standards for industrial ladders.

Fire Extinguishers:ƒ‚  It is mandatory that all transport vehicles have required OSHA approved fire extinguishers and that all team employees and working volunteers, be familiar with the location of and operation of all fire extinguishers.

Flammable/Hazardous Substances:ƒ‚  Teams and working employees need to be aware of and to comply with all local, state and federal requirements regarding the use, storage and transportation of flammable and hazardous substances, including race fuels and related aerosols, chemicals and lubricants. ƒ‚ All teams/riders should display a ƒ“NO SMOKINGƒ” sign within the confines of their paddock area.ƒ‚  This can be easily accomplished by attaching a sign to the door or side of the of the transport vehicle.

Awnings/Tents:ƒ‚  All participants need to be prepared to address the use of any temporary structures adjacent to transport vehicles, including all awnings, tarps, tents or any other structures during any and all weather conditions. ƒ‚ For example, awnings should not be used for shelter in a wind storm and should be evacuated in the case of high winds. ƒ‚ Extra precaution should be taken when staking down tents and awnings in bad weather.

The use of temporary structures within each designated paddock space is the sole responsibility of each rider and team. MX Sports does not assume any responsibility regarding the use, placement or structural integrity of any temporary structures used by event participants.

California requires a special California state fire approval and seal to be attached to the awning.ƒ‚ ƒ‚  This may change from year to year and we suggest you check with the state before purchasing a new awning.


Severe Weather:ƒ‚  MX Sports utilizes a variety of methods and programs for monitoring local weather conditions at and during each event. MX Sports will do itƒ’s best to keep teams informed of any imminent severe weather conditions, however, all participants are responsible for monitoring local weather conditions at all times, and each rider and team is responsible for anchoring, removing or dissembling any temporary structures in their immediate paddock space during times of extreme or severe weather conditions. Information on monitoring local weather conditions is available atƒ‚  ƒ‚ 

Paddock Security:ƒ‚  Each Promoter is required to provide security persons to monitor areas of the paddock. MX Sports continues to encourage all of the Promoters to continually review and improve security staffing within the paddock area during events, however all credentialed participants are reminded that each rider and team is responsible for the safety of their staff and associated guests within their assigned paddock space and for the security of all rider and team property, vehicles and equipment used during the course of each event.

MX Sports conducts its activities at each event with a concern for safety and security and encourages all riders, teams and associated crew members to conduct all of their activities while attending any series events with a corresponding concern for safety and with an awareness of the responsibilities of each rider and team regarding participation at any series event.

MX Sports recognizes the inherent risks associated with professional motorsports events and the possibility of emergency incidents that might involve participants or spectators, in addition to the concerns for conducting events in all types of weather conditions. In the event of an emergency situation, responses will when possible be conducted in accordance with the MX Sports Incident Response & Inclement Weather protocol that is available for review at ƒ‚ ƒ‚ ƒ‚ 

OSHA regulations are available online, at, and copies of relevant OSHA guidelines are available at the MX Sports trailer. ƒ‚