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High Point Moto 1 Recap

Saturday, June 9, 2012 | 10:00 AM

450 Moto 1 Recap

Mike Alessi takes the start, with Andrew Short and Ryan Dungey running close behind. The running order holds through the first lap. James Stewart was back in around 10th.

At the end of lap two, Stewart had only made his way up to 8th. On lap three, Dungey finds his way around Short for 2nd. One lap later, Weimer makes the pass on Short for 3rd. ‚ 

14 minutes into the moto, Stewart had his hands full trying to get by both Tickle and Metcalfe. The running order after 15 minutes was Alessi, Dungey, Short, Metcalfe, Stewart, Tickle, Izzi, Millsaps. Grant and Brayton rounded out the top ten.

17 minutes into the moto, Dungey takes the lead from Alessi. From that point on, the top ten was mostly stagnant, as no passes were made. Dungey takes the win with a 17+ second lead, followed by Alessi and Weimer.

Moto 1 Results

1. Ryan Dungey
2. Mike Alessi
3. Jake Weimer
4. Andrew Short
5. James Stewart
6. Broc Tickle
7. Brett Metcalfe
8. Nico Izzi
9. Davi Millsaps
10. Josh Grant

250 Moto 1 Recap

Wil Hahn takes the start and the early lead. He has Barcia, Martin and Wharton running right behind. Barcia gets by his teammate Hahn on the first lap and takes over the lead. After one lap. the running order is Barcia, Wilbur, Martin, Wharton Musquin and Tomac. Baggett and Roczen are running 10th and 11th. Wharton had his work cut out for him as he went down and remounts in close to 30th position.

On lap four Malcolm Stewart found himself on the ground and did not return to the race. Alex Martin fell apart under the pressure from the riders behind and went from 3rd to 7th in a couple short laps.

Eli Tomac made his way up to 3rd with 13 minutes gone in the moto. At the halfway mark, Geico Honda has all three riders running 1-2-3 with Barcia, Hahn and Tomac.

After pressuring him for a few laps, Baggett makes his way round Roczen. With five minutes to go, both Tomac and Baggett barrel by Hahn.

Baggett sets his fastest lap of the moto with two laps to go trying to chase Tomac down. Tomac and Baggett race hard till the very end, almost catching Barcia. Barcia actually fell near the end, but remounted to still take the moto win, with Tomac and Baggett in second and third.

Moto 1 Results

1. Justin Barcia
2. Eli Tomac
3. Blake Baggett
4. Wil Hahn
5. Ken Roczen
6. Marvin Musquin
7. Ivan Tedesco
8. Alex Martin
9. Jake Canada
10. Jessy Nelson