MX Sports Pro Racing

Media Day Application

MX Sports Pro Racing has initiated a formal process for privateer riders to be considered for inclusion in Pro Motocross Media Days. Any pro license holder with approved entry for one of the 11 Nationals that comprise the Pro Motocross Championship, who also resides in the immediate market area of an event (within 100 miles or 2.5 hours), may submit an application requesting inclusion in a specific event’s local Media Day. Additionally, select riders who present unique or special stories (i.e., a full-time student pursuing a degree or work as a full-time first responder) may also be considered.

The Media Day program for the Pro Motocross Championship operates as a publicity component for each respective National, aimed solely at generating various forms of media coverage for additional ticket sales and consumable content online.

Media Days will take place the Friday prior to each National, with a one-hour period that includes both media engagement and an invite-only ride session. 

  • The first 30 minutes require riders to participate in the media engagement component, where both racers and attending media gather at the Pro Motocross semi for interviews.
  • The final 30 minutes will serve as the riding window with a 20-minute free practice on a portion of the track.

Each Media Day will begin at 1:00 p.m. local time.

Media Day is an invite-only program and capacity at each round is very limited, with priority given to the collective of Factory and Premier teams competing in the series. A Media Day schedule has been created for this group, with each assigned to several rounds over the course of the summer. 

There are also limited spots available to include additional athletes that may fall within a local and/or regional scope of a National, who are personally invited by an Event Organizer or the Series Organizers, or who possess a compelling storyline that would be of interest to the media.

Any approved-entry racers interested in being considered for Media Day participation must complete an application form, where each individual applicant can make a compelling case for acceptance and inclusion at a designated event. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and various priorities or preferences may be given to certain athletes at the discretion of both Series Organizers and Event Organizers. Additionally, considered applicants will have the opportunity to generate their own media coverage in an effort to contribute to the overall publicity efforts for each respective National.

Unfortunately, there is no way to accommodate all applicants and thus no guarantee of Media Day participation with the submission of an application.