IBA Program

The 2018 Industry Bonus Awards Program (IBA) is designed to provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Aftermarket Product Manufacturers and Retailers an opportunity to participate in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship as contingency product sponsors. Contingency sponsors can post incentive bonus awards for riders that utilize the products of the participating sponsors in a program administered by MX Sports Pro Racing.

Participating sponsors can establish the terms of their product usage by posting specific awards based on a rider’s finishing position in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. MX Sports Pro Racing will verify product usage through the pre-event Technical Inspection process and will provide participating sponsors with an IBA Post-Event Results Report following each series event, identifying those riders who qualify for posted awards. Contingency payment is made directly by the participating sponsor to the rider.

In addition, participating sponsors can obtain series credentials and valuable access to the restricted paddock area at each event for the purpose of providing rider support.  Paddock access is available at several levels to accommodate the specific needs of each participating IBA sponsor. 


Base Package: $1,500

Includes the following:

  1. Two (2) season credentials or two (2) Event Paddock passes per event
  2. Contingency posting on series website
  3. Race Results via email
  4. Advance series information via email
  5. Up to 20 additional Sponsor Season Credential/Exchange Passes per event may be purchased at the rate of $50 each.  These passes are not available to the public.

Optional: Paddock Footprint

  • Small - $4,000 (1'-29') - includes (2) additional credentials, for a total of (4)
  • Medium - $7,000 (30-70’) - includes (3) additional credentials, for a total of (5)
  • Large - $10,000 (70’ or longer) - includes (4) additional credentials, for a total of (6)

The IBA Program is a valuable tool for product manufacturers, distributors and retailers to connect with those riders that currently utilize the sponsor’s products and creates a strong incentive for new riders to select these products in order to be eligible for the awards posted by each participating sponsor.

To participate in the 2018 IBA Program, simply complete the application below.


Company Information:  Complete the following editable form and submit for approval.  Be sure to provide the complete sponsor physical mailing AND current email addresses.  Our primary means of communication with you will be by email.

Bonus Awards:  Identify the company product to be verified by MX Sports staff via Technical Inspection and the means for verification.  Download the sample Template of bonus awards and complete the applicable dollar amount of the award to be paid, i.e., Per Event, Per Class, and/or Year-End Championship. IBA Sponsors may elect to pay either or both classes, Per Event and/or Year-End Championship, for as many positions as desired.  There is no minimum.  Upload the completed form.

Base Package: includes two (2) Season Credentials.  IBA Sponsors may purchase additional Season Credentials, as well as Event Guest passes.  Season/Event Guest credentials provide gate admission, Paddock and Industry Viewing privileges for your guests.

Base Package does not include paddock parking or display space.  However, paddock parking is available for an additional fee, and there are three options from which to choose. If these options do not fit your needs, please contact us.  We can customize a package to suit your needs.

Season Guest Information: Identify the names of the persons authorized to receive the season credentials. Each guest must submit a 2018 Specialty Credential Application which a link will be emailed to you once your app IBA Package application has been approved. The individual applications do not have to be submitted at the same time the IBA Package is purchased.  However, a credential will not be issued until the application is submitted and releases received.

Guest Exchange Passes: If purchasing event passes, select the event and enter the number of passes desired.  We can either issue Exchange Passes for you to distribute in advance to your guests, or we can hold them at Will Call/Rider Services.  If Exchange Passes are issued, Guests must present them to Rider Services to exchange for an event Paddock pass.  If you prefer we hold the passes at Will Call, we will need the names of your guests, which you can EMAIL.

Paddock Footprint:  If vehicle access to the Paddock is requested for rider support purposes, identify the size of the footprint requested.  There will be a fee associated with all vehicle access according to the size of the footprint requested.

Need more information?  We can be reached at (304)284.0101 and by EMAIL.