MX Sports Pro Racing

Race Registration

Thank you for your upcoming participation in the Pro Motocross Championship. If you are a Pro MX rider, here is what you need to know in order to register for an event. (ATVMX riders will continue to register directly at the events.)

  1. First, you must apply for and obtain your AMA Pro Racing license by completing the application. Remember: do not send releases, bring with you to Rider Services / Will Call when picking up your credential.
  2. Once your license is approved, you will be issued an email with log-in information to access your online Rider Profile account. Your Rider Profile is where you will be able to register for events, manage your purse payment, and purchase event passes for your crew and guests. You must activate your Rider Profile and complete all required fields in order to register for events. If you need any help in accessing your profile, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call 304.284.0101.
  3. Once you are registered, there are two deadlines applicable for each event:  (1) Pre-Registration close and (2) Post-Registration close. Generally, the Pre-Registration close is the Friday two weeks prior to the event and the Post-Registration close is the Wednesday prior to the event. All entries submitted after the Pre-Registration deadline will be considered Post-Registration entries.
  4. The following race entry fees apply for the 2023 season:
    1. Pro MX: $265 per event + processing fee
    2. A $50 late fee will be charged for all entries submitted after the close of Pre-Registration.
  5. Upon close of Pre-Registration, within two days, the initial seeding of the class is performed. If you are accepted at this time, you will receive an “Acceptance” email. If you are not accepted at this time, you will be considered “pending” and you will not receive any notification. However, please feel free to contact us to check on the status of your ranking among the acceptance criteria. We realize you need to make travel arrangements, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
  6. Upon close of Post-Registration, the final seeding of the class will be performed, the Final Class Roster will be posted on the website, and those pending riders will receive either an “Acceptance” or “Denial” email.
  7. Once you receive the “Acceptance” email, you may access your Rider Profile and purchase event credentials for your crew and guests. Please note that you cannot purchase event credentials until you have been accepted into the class.

Log into your Rider Profile.