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Competition Bulletin 2012-1

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 | 2:40 PM

Contact: Jeff Canfield
[email protected]

To:           All 2012 AMA Pro Motocross License Applicants

From:     MX Sports Pro Racing

Date:     May 9, 2012


Clarification of the 2012 Pro Motocross License Application Process. 

This year MX Sports Pro Racing implemented a new online license application program. The program was designed to help make applying for or renewing an AMA Pro Motocross license easier.  

Please be advised that the following steps are necessary to complete the license application.  This is required for ALL applicants – new riders, as well as riders renewing their license:  

Step 1:  Complete the online portion of the application.  This includes uploading a current headshot for your season credential.   Merely updating your Rider Profile Account is not sufficient.  The license application must be submitted.

Once the online application is submitted, MX Sports Pro Racing will issue a renewal/welcome email with further instruction, including the registration process, to the email address provided on the online portion of the form.  If you are a member of a team, please enter your team manager’s email address so that he/she can manage your information if desired.

Step 2:  Print in color the 2012 AMA Pro Motocross License Application and required releases, and mail them to AMA Pro Racing to their office in Daytona, Florida (address is provided on the application).  The releases must be notarized.  AMA Pro Racing will notify MX Sports Pro Racing once the application has been approved.

Step 3:  Take the Concussion Impact Test either online or at an approved facility, and upload the test receipt onto your Rider Profile.  You CAN NOT COMPETE unless we have verification of test completion. For testing information, go to 

Please note that Steps 1-3 are REQUIRED for ALL applicants – both new and renewals.  Updating and uploading a photo to your Rider Profile is not renewing you license.

You cannot register for events until the above process has been completed.

Direct Link to the online forms:

250 and 450 License Application:

WMX License Application: 

ATV MX License Application: 

It is our goal to make applying for a 2012 Pro Motocross License as easy as possible.  Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Canfield our Race Director at [email protected] or Dan Reinhart our Series Administrator at [email protected] .

See you at the races!

The MX Sports Pro Racing Team


To all Motocross riders:

This year the license application process has changed. With the change it has brought up some confusion.  Along with filling out the paperwork that needs to be notarized and submitted to AMA Pro Racing, the online portion must be completed as well. Without the online portion of the application and without the required forms notarized and submitted your license cannot be approved. So please, be sure to fill out both the online and the forms that must be printed and mailed to AMA Pro Racing.

Updating and uploading a photo to your rider profile is not renewing you license; upon completing the required steps, MX Sports Pro Racing will send a renewal/welcome email to the address that was provided on the online portion of the form. If you are a team rider, please enter your team managers email address and he can manage and enter the necessary information.

Direct Link to the online form: