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Budds Creek Info & Schedule

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | 9:45 PM
  1. Paddock Parking Map ƒ—“ Parking will be at 9:00am with Staging at the Drag Strip just past the entrance to Budds Creek. Budds Creek is located on a major highway and it is critical that you stage and do not block the highway.
  2. Track Map.
  3. Weekend Schedule ƒ—“ please note this is our first NBC show of the season and we are all 4 motoƒ’s live and back to back.
  4. Budds Creek Information Booklet.
  5. Rider Services/Will Call will be located at the Drag Strip on Friday and located just inside the front entrance of Budds Creek on the left for Saturday.
  6. Parking for Press riders will be at 9:00am on Thursday.