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Budds Creek Entry Lists & Track Info

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 | 7:15 PM
  1. 250 Entry List ƒ‚  450 Entry List
  2. Paddock Parking layout. Parking will be at 9:00am Friday morning and staging will be at the Drag Racing track just past the entrance for Budds Creek.
  3. Press ride parking with be Thursday at 9:00am.
  4. Track Map.
  5. Weekend schedule.
  6. Site map.
  7. Note on credentials ƒ—“ We are still having trouble with the #2 bands reaching the wrong hands. As you know, the #2 bands are for your team member that play an integral part in your race effort. Team managers, suspension and engine designers, executives, etc. They are not for guests nor should be taken lightly or taken for granted. Please use these for the intended purpose as misuse will result in a loss of privileges.

Here are a few more details referencing the track access bands.

  • Non-Transferable credential provides track access only
  • Must be worn in conjunction with a Season or Event credential
  • Does not provide Gate Admission or any other facility access
  • Holder must remain 10 feet minimum from edge of race course
  • Holder may not stand on jumps or near jump landings