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Competition Bulletin 2019-6: 2019 Helmet Camera Policy

Thursday, April 18, 2019 | 10:50 AM

TO: 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Competitors and Crew Members

FROM: MX Sports Pro Racing

DATE: April 18, 2019

RE: COMPETITION BULLETIN 2019-6: 2019 Helmet Camera Policy

Current AMA Pro Racing “Rules for Professional Motocross Competition” item 2.11 (e), establishes restrictions on the use of “any on-board or helmet mounted video recording device or its likeness while operating a vehicle on the race course, except upon approval by MX Sports Pro Racing."  These restrictions were necessary to protect the exclusive broadcast rights of applicable series partners and limited the use of helmet cameras to specific brands.  

Although the broadcast rights for all "on-track” images or video content originating from National events are wholly owned by MX Sports and it broadcast partners, both MX Sports and its partners value the social media voice and promotional contribution of its riders in the support of themselves and of the  Series.   Accordingly, effective with the 2019 Series, helmet camera brand restrictions have been dropped, and AMA Pro licensed riders with approved helmet cameras may have unlimited use of all video content for internal engineering and rider support purposes, and limited use of “on-track” video content for public distribution, in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. On-Track/Race Footage Use: Rider use of on-track or race footage for internal engineering, mechanical or rider development purposes is unlimited.  Rider use of on-track or race footage for public viewing or distribution is limited to the social media platforms of the rider and registered Premier/Feature Teams only (i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter).
  2. Clip Requirements: Helmet camera footage posted on the rider’s social media is restricted to clips no longer than sixty (60) seconds in length each, not to exceed two (2) minutes in the aggregate, per event.  All published clips must be tagged with and include the Series social media handles:  @ProMotocross, #ProMotocross, #ThisIsMoto
  3. No Commercial Use: No helmet camera footage may be sold or used for commercial purposes of any kind without the express written approval of MX Sports Pro Racing.  Helmet camera clips are not approved for primary sponsor posting or professional commercial use.
  4. Footage Rights: All helmet camera footage originating from a National event is the exclusive property of MX Sports Pro Racing, and approval may be withdrawn at any time for any or no reason.  Riders give MX Sports Pro Racing and its broadcast partners unlimited access to any and all such footage for any purpose upon request.
  5. Appropriate Use: Use of recorded images or video originating from any National event, in any type broadcast or social media format, will be subject to the Rules for Professional Motocross Competition which prohibits athletes from engaging in any act or action deemed detrimental to the series and/or the sport of motorcycle racing.  Riders are required to adhere to social media publication standards. Post responsibly.
  6. Approval Required: Riders must submit a completed Helmet Camera Application, available at Technical Inspection, agreeing the terms set forth above.  Approval must be given prior to the distribution of publication of any helmet camera footage. 

The Helmet Camera approval process will be as follows:

  1. The rider or his mechanic will present the helmet with camera mounted to officials at Technical Inspection, with the completed Helmet Camera Application (available online and at Tech);
  2. Cameras must be mounted in a way that does not compromise the structural integrity or function of the helmet, and athletes assume full responsibility for the mounting of the helmet and the decision to utilize a helmet camera;
  3. Cameras will be marked to verify authorization of use and acceptance of use terms. Only those cameras approved in advance will be allowed. 

It is the goal and intent of this new policy to provide Lucas Oil Pro Motocross athletes direct access to their own helmet camera footage to use not only for internal mechanical and rider support, but for external public viewing by race fans, sponsors and media to promote the rider specifically and the Series in general.  MX Sport Pro Racing encourages all riders to participate in this new program to enhance the social image of both the rider and the Series.

Please direct all questions to Jeff Canfield, Race Director for MX Sports Pro Racing at [email protected]