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Wednesday, April 15, 2020 | 3:25 PM

TO: 2020 Motorsports Athletes, Race Fans and Staff

FROM: The Race Leadership Team (RLT)

DATE: April 15, 2020


Safe-to-Race Task Force Announced

The Race Leadership Team has appointed a Safe-to-Race Task Force to manage our sport’s race to recovery. Members of the committee include representatives from AMA, AMA Pro Racing, Feld Entertainment, Ignite Partners, MX Sports Pro Racing, USMA, and others experienced and knowledgeable in motorsports event operations and management. The group also includes event software developers, series managers and a rider representative.

The goal of the committee will be to develop best practices for a post-COVID19 motorsports event to be shared with race promoters and event organizers nationwide. The Safe-to-Race Task Force will review current processes and procedures for cash transactions, gate admission, race registration, technical inspection, riders meetings, race procedures, podium celebrations, press conferences, autograph sessions, fan participation and viewing areas, parking and camping areas, etc., and recommend new protocols that focus on protecting the personal health, safety and welfare of athletes, fans and staff. The group will review how to accommodate current social distancing guidelines and identify preventative actions that can be implemented during an event, such as hands-free registration, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and maintaining safe distancing in public areas, as recommended by the CDC. The group will also develop an infectious disease outbreak plan for event organizers that can be shared with their community leaders and local health officials. This group’s final product will be the Safe-to-Race Tool Kit.

It is the opinion of the RLT that the return to competition will be determined on a local level, and that local authorities and health officials will play a significant role in the decision on whether it is safe to race. By developing a Safe-to-Race Tool Kit for event organizers that can be shared with local authorities, the return to competition may be quickened, as health officials can be assured that adequate infectious disease safety precautions were in place. By being proactive and developing motorsports-specific safety protocols, the Safe-to-Race Tool Kit will provide the information and comfort to officials and fans that it is safe to return to the racetrack. By working together, we can all race safe. We look forward to sharing the results with our race community.

Safe-to-Race Task Force Members:

AMA: Bill Cumbow, Mike Pelletier, Alexandria Kovacs
AMA Pro Racing: Gene Crouch, Jared Johnson and Joey Mancari
Feld Entertainment: Dave Prater
Ignite Partners: Ken Hudgens and Tim Murray
Motorsports Reg: Brian Ghidinelli and Chris Redrich
MX Sports: Tim Cotter, Jeremy Holbert and Jeff Canfield
MX Sports Pro Racing: Davey Coombs, Carrie Russell and Roy Janson
Mylaps: John Dains and Gabe Ellett
Pro Motocross Organizers: Amy Ritchie and Alan Verlander
USMA: Robert Johnson and Shawn Stewart
Rider Representative: JH Leale

About the Race Leadership Team (RLT):

As a result of the COVID19 crisis and the resulting cancellation of events, it became necessary to communicate on a regular basis with the race community regarding scheduling. The Race Leadership Team (RLT) was organized to accomplish this goal and consists of representatives from the AMA, MX Sports and MX Sports Pro Racing. The RLT meets every Monday to review race schedules, making adjustments as needed, and work with event organizers to reschedule events when possible, as we maneuver through the crisis.

The RLT continues to urge racing families to use common sense: 1) wash your hands often; 2) avoid shaking hands or coming into close personal contact with others; 3) cough into your elbow; 4) if you are sick, stay home; 5) if you are really sick, go to the hospital; and 6) don’t panic.

The health, safety and welfare of our riders, fans and their families remain paramount, and we will keep our race community apprised of all further developments.

Please direct all communications to [email protected].