Competition Bulletin 2024-1: Pro Motocross Entry Fee Increase

TimeThursday, April 11, 2024 | 4:00 PM

TO: All Licensed AMA Pro Motocross Competitiors

FROM: MX Sports Pro Racing

DATE: April 11, 2024 

Competition Bulletin 2024-1: Pro Motocross Entry Fee Increase

Effective Immediately, all Entry Fees, for all AMA Pro Motocross, National Championship events, will include an additional $15.00 Surcharge, above the standard entry fee, that shall be applied in full, to cover costs associated with the implementation of newly acquired Rider Medical Insurance coverage, applicable to all individuals competing in AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned, National Championship, Pro Motocross events. 

This newly acquired coverage, is a Secondary Policy of Excess Medical Insurance, with $50,000 of additional Coverage that will be available to licensed competitors, in instances, where their mandatory personal medical insurance does not fully cover medical or hospital costs for injuries sustained while competing in an AMA Pro Racing Sanctioned, Pro Motocross event. Specific details of this coverage will be listed on the website.  

Current Licensing requirements, mandate that all participants, provide proof of personal medical insurance, at the time that they obtain their AMA Pro Racing License. Furthermore, all participants are mandated to have personal medical insurance, in effect, at all times when entering and competing in National Championship, Pro Motocross events. 

This additional Rider Medical Insurance Coverage does not alter is any way the requirement that all competing riders have valid personal medical insurance, that provides coverage for injuries incurred while competing at Pro Motocross events. 

Questions regarding insurance requirements or the additional Secondary Excess Rider Medical Insurance coverage, provided through AMA Pro Racing, can be directed to Kevin Crowther, at AMA Pro Racing, or Roy Janson, at MX Sports Pro Racing.